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We are a small and caring family that has been blessed for a long time to have our English bulldogs. Over the years, we fell in love with them and decided to start breeding. Along with our veterinarian Dr. Mary, our friends and fellow breeders helped and educated us in our search for healthy English bulldogs with excellent temperament.

Our goal is to produce healthy, friendly, and structurally well-formed English bulldogs. We wish to bring forth quality English bulldogs in a variety of colours including chocolate-brown, chocolate tri, black tri, and possibly the blue and blue-tri English bulldogs. Ours have continued to bring us so much joy, and we wish that you will find them a perfect addition to your family.

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“We were very fortunate to find two of our babies with this wonderful couple! Rocky is now 3 and Ace going on 2 yrs old. We couldn’t be happier with our healthy pups!”

Vivian Chacon Richards

“After years of wanting a frenchie I finally got my dream pup from Sandra. I am so happy with my girl! Sandra was so helpful during the process and answered all questions I had. If I ever get another frenchie I will be going back to Sandra!”

Heather Lynn Perry

“Great Experience! Sweet people, and beautiful puppies!! We love our baby boy Felix; I can’t thank you enough for all of your help through the process. I recommend this breeder!! ”

Savannah Schultheis

Bred with H.E.A.R.T

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Bulldogs are a completely man-made breed. Their strong heads, loose skin, and short legs give them a very distinctive, amusing appearance. Bulldogs are generally gentle, affectionate dogs that love to be around their families. They are excellent with children and have a medium-low activity level that makes them great for apartment or city living. These loveable dogs are loyal to a fault and are sure to make you smile

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